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The Synergistic Relationship Between Architecture and Art, Part II – Interview with Yunsun Choi, Clare Simpson, and Dr Yuriko Jackall from The Wallace Collection

It is quite specific to The Wallace Collection that everything is so thoroughly integrated. Paintings, porcelain, works of art, sculptures, etc. The real challenge lies in then, keeping every aspect of the collection safe because you have galleries that are now integrated and the objects need different care.


The Synergistic Relationship Between Architecture and Art

When I prepare walls, I make them so perfect that you actually don’t pay attention to them. This is true of the architecture of form I use: I am interested in the form of the space and the form of territory, of how we consciously inhabit space.

James Turrell

Wabi-sabi – Designing Mindfulness, A Japanese Culture Influencing The Perfectly Imperfect Space

Simplicity / kanso

Asymmetry / fukinsei

Understated beauty / shibumi

Naturalness without pretense / shizen

Subtle grace / yugen

Freeness / datsuzoku

Tranquility / seijaku

the seven principles to attain wabi-sabi From A TRADITIONAL AND ZEN PHILOSOPHY PERSPECTIVE

Branded Residences – Living 365 Days In A Hotel Environment

Types of branded residence in the market are described as follows:

– Hotel developments with integrated residences

– Hotel developments – luxury resorts with residences used as holiday lets

– Residential developments with hotel adjacent

– Residential developments with hotel management

– Residential developments with remote hotel tie in